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Changing Routes to Market and the Implications for Brands

There is a pervasive sense of change. That was true before the global challenges of 2020 and has accelerated exponentially since. What does this mean for today’s brand builders in the world of fast-moving consumer goods? Where should they concentrate in order to build and sustain relevance and continue to engage us as individuals, both rationally and emotionally, and succeed? This first of two events focuses on channels to market and the implications for brands.

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The brand implications of class actions

A trend towards a more friendly class-action regime in the UK needs careful watching. Experience of class actions in other jurisdictions, in particular the US, suggests the risks from a permissive class actions regime could be significant.

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Winning at point of sale

Shoppers make decisions on what products to buy at the supermarket based on a number of factors that traditional economic theory and even recent marketing practices have not necessarily fully understood. In a recent presentation for the British Brands Group at the...

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