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“A strong brand can ensure business continuity in times of difficulty.”
John Noble, British Brands Group
Welcome to the website for The British Brands Group.

We are a membership organisation dedicated to championing brands in the UK. Our objective is to ensure that their positive contribution to consumers, the economy and society is better understood by policy makers and others. Our members include leading brand manufacturers of all sizes and we provide a forum for them to discuss issues affecting brands in the UK. We are the UK arm of AIM ( the European Brands Association ) and part of an integral network of similar national organisations around the world.

> The Manifesto for Brands
An outline of what brands deliver for the UK such as choice, better products, higher-paid jobs, export performance and growth. They can deliver more and a six-point plan is proposed for them to do so.

> Trading with supermarkets
A training scheme and a range of member services to help companies combat unfair trading practices and to ensure the GSCOP and Adjudicator are effective in delivering an efficient grocery supply chain.

> 1994 - 2014
The Group celebrates twenty years of championing brands and campaigning for a conducive environment in the UK in which brands can be created, nurtured and grown for consumers in a climate of vigorous but fair competition.


> Misleadingly similar packaging
A persistent problem  that goes unchallenged in the UK. Here you will find examples, extensive consumer research, details of a recent Government study and accepted evidence on the effects on shoppers.