Launched in 2015, Bol has never been afraid of a challenge. Sales at the ready meal business slumped in 2018 after a conscious decision to focus on 100% plant-based, despite knowing BOL bestsellers were meat-based. However, the brand stuck to its guns and bounced back with its strongest ever quarter in 2020. 

Similarly, when Covid led to a rise in home cooking, threatening retail sales – Bol wasn’t deterred. Instead, it doubled down on innovation, launching 24 new products in 2021 to tap into growing demand for healthy meals. This helped deliver 82% distribution growth to 32,200 stocking points nationwide. 

Bol has also diversified its routes to consumers, including launching as an add-on in Hello Fresh meal boxes, and on Deliveroo and has plans to expand into Ireland and Europe in 2022. 

Bol Foods was awarded SME brand of the year at the Grocer Gold Awards 2022 

The Covid 19 Pandemic took a toll on many brands, including Bol Foods. Instead of admitting defeat and blaming the Pandemic, Bol rose to the challenge. Tapping into customer’s desires to eat more healthily, they were able to expand their product line and grow their brand successfully.  

In order for brands to innovate successfully, they need to look through the eyes of their consumers. Bol recognised people’s increasing need and the positive choices they were making leading to a healthier lifestyles and responded to this. The pandemic has accelerated the rise of the ‘conscious consumer’ with people being ever more aware of how they consume, shop and dispose of everyday items. Brands need to lead, not follow this ‘trend’ as it is here to stay. 

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