UK-based cleaning brand Astonish has launched a new cleaning product entirely made from natural ingredients. The Good One comes in a paste format and can be used on both gentle and stubborn tasks, from rusts and burnt on food residues, to trainers, glass, and tiles.  The Good One packaging is also a recyclable metal container. 

The development of the new product has focused on delivering high-performance results, whilst also being kind to the environment, The Good One has been certified by the Vegan Society and Cruelty Free International. 

The brand now holds the title of the only British-made Vegan and Cruelty-Free certified household cleaning and personal care brand. These certifications come after nearly five decades of Astonish investing in innovation to formulate products containing no animal-derived ingredients and ensuring they are not tested on animals. 

Earlier this year, Astonish was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for its growth across international markets over the last few years. 

This is a really interesting NPD from Astonish – already an established challenger brand in household cleaning. It magnifies some of the on-going changes happening across many categories as brands must meet a diverse range of consumer needs beyond just the functionality of the product.  

The Good One has a retro feel, the format is a paste in a metal can, that is redolent of past times, but the concept and benefits are totally fitted to the current age. The focus on natural ingredients and no animal cruelty alongside the promise of efficacy for a range of cleaning needs presents the balanced approach consumers increasingly seek. This is what makes it so interesting. The format might lack some of the ‘convenience’ of sprays etc., but the format is key to the environmental and performance benefits it delivers. We love the fact that the website acknowledges that effective cleaning needs some elbow grease alongside great Astonish products! We will increasingly see categories that segment on a range of considerations like ‘convenience’ ‘efficacy’ and ‘sustainability/environmental’. Consumers will need to make choices – sometimes compromises – to balance these competing needs. So, whilst it is not an innovation for ‘everyone’, it does exactly what it says on the tin and it has an authenticity that will appeal to many. 

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