Warburton’s has introduced a new range of health-orientated products to its portfolio called Seeds & Grains that will be available in recyclable paper packaging.

The range will be wrapped in fully recyclable paper packaging which can be recycled via normal kerbside collections. The new range has been developed to focus on providing a new range of nutritional benefits, targeting consumers looking for healthier products. The range includes:

  • The Big 21 – it includes 21 varieties of seeds and grains
  • Plant Power – featuring a blend of 12 pulses, grains and seeds
  • Make It Grain – includes Maris Otter barley malt grain among the ingredients

Responding to consumer desire for more sustainable packaging, the 100% recyclable paper packaging is part of Warburtons’ work to improve its impact on the environment, whilst keeping the freshness of the loaf.

This is a perfect example of the rapidly changing world we live in. First, it shows how even core, staple categories like bread need to innovate to meet the needs of health-conscious consumers for quality and added value. Second it shows that brands need to offer well thought out product solutions. Warburtons’ clearly realised (or discovered through consumer insight) that a range of premium healthy options would work less effectively in a standard plastic bag. Proof that, to remain distinctive, brands, even strong established ones like Warburtons’, have to sweat the details. A great solution. Great pack design. We would also argue that it is an example of how brands lead and drive positive change. This, and other similar developments, will have knock on effects in the category as other brands and retailers will follow suit and over time the category will move away from plastic to more environmental offers.

Find out more here: warburtons.co.uk