Weetabix has joined forces with another iconic brand, Lyle’s Golden Syrup, to launch a new sweetened HFSS-compliant version of the classic breakfast cereal.   

The partnership between these two iconic products aims to tap into the ongoing demand for tasty, yet nutritious cereals. This isn’t the first time Weetabix have launched a flavoured range, but it is the first time the brand has linked up with another iconic brand. 

Gareth Turner, Head of Marketing at Weetabix, said: “Brand partnerships are on the rise with shoppers seeking authentic flavours and new experiences. So, it’s the perfect time to bring two huge British kitchen cupboard staples together to launch this new cereal, which offers a unique flavour combination, two exciting brands and a strong nutritional profile.” 

“Innovation is key to driving cereal sales and introducing people to the category. We expect that the combination of both iconic logos on pack will capture attention instore.” 

This is a marriage made in heaven. Two classic, iconic brands partnering to create an innovative product that should stand out in a crowded category. The point is well made, partnerships are becoming more valuable to modern brands. Whether a one + one = 3 brand collaboration like this, or with suppliers who have specific supply expertise or with technical partners to supply digital or data expertise, this is the new normal for consumer brands. In part this is a result of the need to work with ever more speed and agility, in part because it gives consumers products that truly meet their needs and are distinctive.  More evidence that it is brands that drive innovation and growth.