Launched at the end of 2020, eco cleaning product start-up Neat has grown rapidly in 18 months following a DTC launch and more recent expansion into retailers.

Founded by ex-Method & Ecover’s Head Of Design Ryan McSorley and Head Of Sales Strategy and Category Management Josie Harfield, their mission is to eliminate plastic waste in our homes by creating simple and beautiful solutions that inspire everyone to make sustainable choices.

Neat has eliminated single-use plastics by producing plant-based cleaning concentrates in small glass containers and refillable aluminium spray bottles that consumers top up with water.

Neat claim the significant expansion into retailers is elevating the growing refillable and reusable trend by introducing “superior quality and elite design” and motivating consumers to move away from single-use plastic, throwaway items.

The brand also has plans to continue innovating with a launch into a new category with “radical product solutions” in 2022.

This is a clever idea. Neat’s focus on design and quality alongside a simple to understand added benefit – effective results, reduced waste – makes this attractive and easy for shoppers and consumers to understand. The just-add-water idea makes this simple enough to become a repeatable behaviour. Too many great new ideas are too complicated to replace our simple, convenient and deeply ingrained existing habits! This is another example of innovation being led by brands small and large. Like most businesses that start online, they are now starting to expand into broader retail distribution and it will be interesting to track how this great idea works out for Neat.

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