John West has launched a new nutrient-rich canned tuna range that offers additional functional health benefits.

With increasing interest and demand from consumers for healthy products and functional foods, this new product launch reinforces the brand’s commitment to health and wellbeing.

The line’s three functional flavours include:

  • Energy: tuna in spring water with vitamin B to help reduce tiredness and fatigue;
  • Heart: tuna packed in rapeseed oil, which is high in omega-3 fatty acids; and
  • Immunity, tuna in spring water with vitamin C to support the immune system.

“We know that shoppers are more likely to buy the everyday fish category for practicality and convenience rather than health. There is a huge opportunity to leverage health as an innovation driver and connect with younger, more health-conscious consumers,” John West International Marketing Director Jon Burton said.

The ready-to-eat products are aimed at younger consumers looking for healthy, tasty, and convenient food options and also will offer existing customer the opportunity to take advantage of additional health benefits.

Nearly a third of people (29%) are consuming more functional foods and beverages than in previous years with increased awareness of health and wellbeing and specifically interest in nutrition to support immune health.

Wellness is a growing consideration in people’s food choices. With mainstream brands such as John West embracing this through innovative efforts to add additional health benefits to everyday food items, they are first and foremost seeking to win by meeting day-to-day needs and wishes better, though with wider quality-of-life and societal benefits.

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