Chilled prepared children’s meal brand Little Dish is offering total transparency of all its recipes by enabling customers to cook them at home. 

Little Dish has made this move to assure parents that its meals contain only natural and appropriately sourced ingredients. Parents can now download the recipes and recreate the same (or better?) flavour at home using easily accessible ingredients.  

While the brand is freely disclosing the recipes, the undoubtable convenience of the product will continue to be an appealing factor for parents.  

While promoted as a move to build trust with parents through transparency, the move also prompts existing customers to engage more with the brand by visiting its website, browsing its recipes, sharing feedback via social media – all more subtle benefits for the brand. 

This is going in the opposite direction to many brands’ “closely guarded secret recipe” approach, designed to add mystique and keep copiers at bay. Distinguish, differentiate and disrupt! Little Dish’s tone is one of confidence, implying, “yes, you can make our recipes at home but we are confident the product will taste better, be more convenient and represent stronger value if you buy the brand”. 

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