Marmite is an iconic British brand with a distinctive tone of voice and divisive nature. The classic Marmite ‘kiss’ advert from 2001 visually introduced the brand’s famous ‘love it or hate it’ slogan and helped build a distinctive brand position.

Camden Town Brewery has released a new limited-edition beer in partnership with Marmite. The beer, titled the ‘Love Hate Ale’, is 4.8% ABV and available to buy nationwide.

There’s beer yeast in Marmite, and there’s Marmite in this beer. Brewed with Perle hops, same as Camden’s classic Hells Lager, they added real Marmite along with toasted Pilsner and Munich malt for a smoky, bready balance.

The new product is launched with a remake of the original ad. This shows the enduring power of great brand communications and the way brands are uniquely able to lodge in our subconscious. 20 years on the slogan is still going strong and Camden Town Brewery’s advert gives a modern take on the Marmite classic.