Kellogg’s is adding technology to its cereal boxes to make them accessible to blind and partially sighted people. The boxes feature UK-first technology that allows a smartphone to detect a unique on-pack code to playback labelling and allergen information to shoppers with sight loss. Addressing equity, diversity and inclusion, this brand innovation is making important and useful information about products easily available to everyone. 

Product packaging print information can be difficult for people with sight difficulties to read. The new technology, called NaviLens, includes high contrasting coloured squares on a black background. Users do not need to know exactly where the code is located to scan it.  

This is a first for the technology to be used on product packaging. NaviLens has previously been used successfully in Spain to make cities easier to navigate for thousands of people with a visual impairment.  

The roll-out of the new packaging follows a successful trial last year on Kellogg’s Coco Pops boxes in 60 Co-op stores. The first accessible boxes of Special K will appear on shelves in January next year. 

This brand innovation has been a collaboration with RNIB following their research that revealed nine in ten blind and partially sighted people felt that information on food packaging was difficult or impossible to read.  

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