True brand innovation, evolving beyond products into services, creating digital transformation and putting consumers and experts at the heart of the brand strategy is certainly something to be celebrated. It is also something that traditional product-led businesses often struggle to deliver. 

This is precisely how Mars Petcare has evolved from petfood-focused products into the world’s largest provider of veterinary care, with new innovations in pet care, helping pet owners solve pet challenges and using data to unleash new solutions. 

The combination of Mars veterinary hospitals and their dog DNA testing service, Wisdom Panel™ combines genetic information with medical records to investigate the inherited factors that contribute to pet health issues.  Mars Petcare experts are analysing data and research to identify disease indicators, helping vets to predict and prevent illnesses, instead of simply treating them. 

Their pet telehealth services have grown in popularity during the pandemic, making preventive care accessible to more pets and promoting their health and wellbeing. New services, like nutrition counselling and home delivery of medications, are adding more convenience and customisation to the virtual client experience. 

Every situation is unique, but this might be a template for brands in the future. 

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