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The Group celebrates twenty years of championing brands and campaigning for their success in the UK.
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Manifesto for brands
How brands create wealth and jobs for the economy and a six-point plan on how they can contribute more.
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Brands Museum
A must for all those interested in the world of brands: the Museum is a unique collection of brands, packaging and advertising from the 1890s through to the present day. Click here for details
The British Brands Group is the voice for brands in the UK.

Our members include some of the world’s leading and best-known brand manufacturers, all committed to excellence and wishing to see their brands’ positive contribution understood and reflected in UK policy. We work hard to build a deeper understanding of brands, to represent our members on regulatory issues and to provide the prime brand forum for our members. The Group is the UK arm of AIM (the European Brands Association) and an integral part of a wider global network of similar organisations.

Introduction to the Group

The British Brands Group, founded in 1994, is a non-profit-making membership organisation. Its role is to speak out authoritatively on behalf of brands and to represent them collectively when commercial and regulatory issues threaten both their value and their ability to be a positive force in society.

While the Group’s work focuses primarily on UK policy makers, it also seeks to deepen understanding of how brands benefit consumers, society and the economy by delivering choice, value for money and innovation to consumers. The Group also provides the prime forum for its members on brand-related issues.

The British Brands Group is part of a global network of similar brand associations, and is the UK representative of AIM, the European Brands Association, based in Brussels.

Our mission

To build in Britain the optimum climate for brands to deliver choice and value to consumers, through constant innovation and fair competition.

Our goals

  • To provide the authoritative UK voice for brand manufacturers
  • To generate a deeper understanding of the contribution of brands to consumers, society and the economy
  • To be the prime UK forum for brand manufacturers from all sectors
  • To counter obstacles and threats to the Group’s mission

A manifesto for brands

A manifesto for brands was launched in April 2010 and outlines the contribution that brands already make to the UK: some 1 million employed in creating and building brands with companies investing £33 billion a year.

Brands empower consumers, spur innovation and underpin competitive markets. This is crucial to the UK’s economic recovery, the generation of wealth and jobs, and its global competitiveness.

If brands are to continue to contribute to the UK’s economic and social fabric and to increase their performance, a more positive environment is required. The Manifesto outlines a six-point action plan on how this may be achieved:

  • place brands firmly in economic policy, recognising and encouraging the powerful economic force they represent
  • ensure the UK is an attractive market in which to grow brands
  • stop the trade in fakes, through closer co-operation between agencies and greater use of the Proceeds of Crime Act
  • encourage investment in brands by protecting them from free riding and acts of unfair competition
  • ensure consumers are free to make informed buying decisions by enforcing rules on commercial communications
  • avoid disproportionate and unjustified restrictions on communication between producers and consumers .

For your copy of A manifesto for brands please download here.

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