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Austin Lally, President of Braun, describes how sports marketing has evolved. It is now about creating relationships based on a shared passion.
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A Brands Lecture calling for a new marketing vocabulary around such concepts as signalling, heuristics, maximising and satisficing.
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Fiona Dawson, MD of Mars Chocolate, explains why innovation is so important for brands and how to mitigate the risks. Download PDF

  In brands we trust. A Brands Lecture on how to build a trusted and respected brand from scratch. Download PDF

The annual Brands Lecture

Since the year 2000, the annual Brands Lecture, delivered by some of the leading lights in the branding spectrum, has been a popular event in our members’ year. Each speaker has focused on a different aspect of branding or its effects on society. The following gives a taste of each lecture, but you can read the full version by clicking on the links.

The lecture titles in this series are:

The 16th Lecture: Never mind the quality, feel the personalisation. The future of retailing. By Alan Giles, Said Business School, University of Oxford

The 15th Lecture: Brands and CEOs. By Professor Patrick Barwise, London Business School

The 14th Lecture: Consumers, brands and trust: happy bedfellows or a new pyramid of conflict? By Peter Vicary-Smith, Group Chief Executive of Which?

The 13th Lecture: Brands, capital and crises. By Rita Clifton CBE, Chairman, BrandCap and former Chairman, Interbrand

The 12th Lecture: Sports marketing: unleashing the passion. By Austin Lally, President, Braun and former Global Vice President, Gillette

The 11th Lecture: Accountability is not enough. By Rory Sutherland, IPA and Ogilvy Group

The 10th Lecture: Brand new: Innovation in a challenging world. By Fiona Dawson, Mars Chocolate

The 9th Lecture: In brands we trust. By Lord Bilimoria, Cobra Beer

The 8th Lecture: Can brands save the world? Let's hope so. By Richard Reed, Innocent Drinks 

The 7th Lecture: They think it's all over... By Martin Glenn, Birds Eye Iglo

The 6th Lecture: The Lovemarks effect. By Kevin Roberts, Saatchi & Saatchi

The 5th Lecture: Brands beyond business. By Simon Anholt

The 4th Lecture: Hybrids, the heavenly bed and purple ketchup. By David Aaker, Prophet

The 3rd Lecture: 100% Marketing. By Rob Malcolm, Diageo

The 2nd Lecture: Posh Spice and Persil. By Jeremy Bullmore, WPP

The Inaugural Brands Lecture: Are brands good for Britain? By Tim Ambler, London Business School

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