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Unwrapped  The hidden power of packaging
Packaging is integral to modern life, present in every home in the land, while in stores of all sizes packaging also speaks the language of commerce, vying for our attention, presenting credentials and influencing our choices.
Packaging is also the subject of increasing regulatory and policy interest, with concerns for the sustainability of the planet’s resources and the impact of used packaging on our environment. Meanwhile packaging is recognised as a communication medium, relevant to the health and nutrition of the nation, and integral to consumers making well-informed decisions.
For policy to be well-informed, effective and proportionate, the many functions of packaging must be understood. After all, policy cannot be discriminatory, focusing its effect on one aspect of packaging while leaving others untouched.
To bring greater knowledge and insight to policy, the Group has published three significant new studies together with a summary.

Summary report  [download]
“Unwrapped. The hidden power of packaging”, a summary of each of the three studies.

Report 1 [download]
“Packaging in a market economy”, a study by Norwich Business School on the consumer, competition and economic importance of packaging.

Report 2 [download]
“The effect of branding on consumer choice”, original consumer research from Mountainview Learning on the effect of changes to the size of branding on consumer behaviour and the effect where choices include packs of similar design.

Report 3 [download]
“Confusion, heuristics and the consumer”, a report by Speechly Bircham exploring how consumers use mental shortcuts (heuristics) when shopping and how these heuristics may be misappropriated. It explores how the courts assess confusion may arise and how new research tools may lead to quantifiable and more predictable results.

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