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Austin Lally, President of Braun, describes how sports marketing has evolved. It is now about creating relationships based on a shared passion.
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The newsletter of the British Brands Group.
In this issue: Celebrating the Diamond Jubilee; responsibile sourcing; Supermarkets, retailer power and the consumer; 50 years of the ASA; and more...
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Manifesto for brands
How brands create wealth and jobs for the economy and a six-point plan on how they can contribute more.
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guide protection
Guide to Brand Protection
A free guide for the non-lawyer on how to safeguard your brands.
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Introduction to publications

The British Brands Group has built up a large library of articles and other publications relating to brands written by some of the industry's leading figures. The full breadth of brand-reated subjects is represented, along with some useful British Brands Group documents detailing policies and other briefings. For ease of use they are divided into subjects as follows:

generalcompetitioninnovationIPlook-alikesgrey/parallel tradesprice comparisons

All are free to view and download, but not to re-sell. If any sections are quoted we would ask that a suitable credit is added showing the name of the author, the name of the publication and the words '©British Brands Group'.

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