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“The image of a brand is no more nor less than the result of its fame: its reputation. And like a reputation it can be found in only one place: in the minds of people.”
Jeremy Bullmore, WPP Group

Brands are a vital and positive force in today’s marketplace. They provide choice and inspire confidence in the consumer because he trusts that the brand will deliver consistent quality and value. Brands are also a prerequisite for a dynamic economy, being at the cutting edge of innovation and creating jobs and wealth for the country. On this site you will find a host of material on many aspects of brands, all of which is free for academics and students to use, although please attribute any direct quotes appropriately.

> are brands a force for good?
A Briefing on the role of brands in delivering choice, growth, social progress and responsible organisations.

> British Brands
The Newsletter of the British Brands Group. Issue 30 is now available for download, featuring articles on Johnnie Walker, responsible sourcing, the courts' assessment of confusion and more.


> Sports marketing
In the 12th Brands Lecture, Austin Lally of P&G outlined how sports marketing has evolved to become a means of creating relationships based on a shared passion. He also gives some valuable insights into the future.

> recent submissions to Government
The Group is speaking regularly to government on brand-related matters. Here are some recent submissions....

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