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“FMCG businesses ... communicate more effectively. As a result these businesses grow better in response to innovation advantage, gain a greater return on innovation and show a better productivity return.”
James Amos, PIMS Associates
The British Brands Group represents brand manufacturers of all sizes across a wide range of sectors. Our members compete by building strong, long-term reputations for delivering real benefits to people's everyday lives, achieved through constant innovation, product excellence, creative communication and care for the way they do business. The result is choice and an ever-improving offer for consumers and added value for the economy. Over 1 million people are employed in creating and buidling brands in the UK, while companies invest some £16 billion (12% of all intangible investment) annually in the UK economy.

> Brands - a force behind UK exports
How brands are a force driving UK exports and growth and how they rely on intellectual property, with proposals on how they may be a stronger force. 

> A study into brands and responsible business
A study into brand investments in responsible business, their measurement and partnerships with Government.

> The Manifesto for Brands
An outline of what brands deliver for the UK such as choice, better products, higher-paid jobs, export performance and growth. They can deliver more and a six-point plan is proposed for them to do so.



> recent submissions
The Group speaks regularly to Government and regulators on brand-related matters.

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