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Trading with supermarkets:

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The Groceries Code of Practice, now with an Adjudicator to monitor and enforce it, has the potential to improve trading relationships between large grocery retailers and their suppliers.

Where suppliers are subjected to demands to extend agreed payment terms, guarantee retail margins, wholly fund promotions and other practices that change what has already been agreed or require the supplier to pick up costs and risks that would normally be borne by the retailer, the Code may well apply.

The British Brands Group has been engaged in supply chain practices for well over a decade and supports members to make sure they are well placed to make the most of these recent developments. Reducing members’ exposure to risk, making contracts more robust and placing trading negotiations on a fairer footing encourage brand investments. That is good for members and their consumers.

Member companies have access to up-to-date information, the ability to hone skills and the potential to engage the Adjudicator, safe in the knowledge that their identity will not be disclosed.

A range of relevant services are included in membership:

  • an advice line on whether a specific practice may be covered by the GSCOP;
  • one hour’s legal advice from a leading law firm on any practice that may breach the GSCOP;
  • annual training on the GSCOP and Adjudicator, their relevance to day-to-day trading and the implications for your business business (apply for training course now – open to non-members);
  • raising with the Adjudicator, on a collective and confidential basis, specific trading practices that may breach the GSCOP;
  • providing feedback to members on guidance issued by the Adjudicator;
  • informing members of retailers’ compliance with the GSCOP and practices raised with the Adjudicator.

Members also enjoy all the broader benefits of membership, including brand briefings and access to the Group’s events (see brochure).

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To apply for membership, please complete the form below or call John Noble on 01730 82121201730 821212 or . Once applications are approved by the Council, an invoice will be issued, payment of which completes the process.

Membership fees are determined by UK sales turnover:


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